The Airing of Grievances
Friday, May 14, 2004
"And If Y'all Got Love For Me, I Got Love For Y'all"
So it's Friday night, by all rights I should be four Belvederes in and on my way to being Surly Drunk Guy, particularly given the crappy week I've had. So what am I doing? Listening to the Jigga Man and making this the best blog I can, that's what!

The Airing of Grievances is now RSS syndication compatible. What does this mean? Simply, websites like Yahoo! syndicate our fair blog and make it available to a much wider readership. Furthermore, if you have a personal homepage on My Yahoo! or another service that utilizes RSS, you can view the headlines of the five most recent posts that have been made here and on thousands of other blogs, all on one page. It's great if, like me, you visit a bunch of blogs and want to know which ones have been updated recently without having to visit each one.

Here's how it works for My Yahoo! users (other portal users are pretty much SOL for now - if anyone else knows how to set these up, please post in the Comments):

- First, you have to be able to see RSS Headlines. To set this up, click on the Choose Content link that should appear on the top of your personal My Yahoo page. Under the My Yahoo! Essentials column, check "RSS Headlines (BETA)". Then, click the "Finished" button to save your choice.
- Now, on the front page, you should see a section for RSS Headlines in the wide column, below where your news headlines probably are. To add AofG, and any of the other blogs you see in our links section, to your RSS headlines, click on the "Edit" button. Under "Add New Sources", type our site name or URL into the field and click "Search". Check the box next to the site name or just click on the link, a new screen should pop up, asking you to add the site or cancel. Obviously, click "Add It" and then "Back" to finish.
- Or, if you already have RSS Headlines set up, just click here and that should do the trick.

Can't knock the hustle...
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