The Airing of Grievances
Thursday, April 29, 2004
"Under Weaknesses, You Put 'Excema'"
While excema might not come up during the presidential debates, it's pretty clear to see what the RNC feels is the soft underbelly of their own campaign, military experience during a time of war. The thing is, they pretty much have none.

Among the administration's hawks, only one served for the US Armed forces (i.e. not a state national gaurd) and that was during peace time. Check it:
GWB - Air National Guard, whether or not he showed up for all his duty is quesitonable. Oh yeah, he was also on alot of yayo at the time.
Dick Cheney - Has publicly stated that he had "other priorities" than to serve his country in the 1960's.
Don Rumsfeld - Naval Aviator between '54 & '57 - one of the most quiet periods of the Cold War.
Paul Wolfowitz - Went to college and graduate school for 11 years (!) during the Vietnam era.
Condi Rice - None, but she was always the brains of the operation anyway...
Karl Rove - Nada, but he was working for GWB's daddy as early as 1973. Seriously though, would you want that fat POS on the front lines anyway? He would have been Private Pile at Parris Island, no doubt.

On the other hand, you have John Kerry, a certifiable war hero, is being attached by the RNC because he threw away his medals. Yeah, so maybe he tossed his medals - so what. He knew the war he fought in was a hypocracy, and he could not stand to remember what those medals represented. My gradfather threw one of his purple hearts out in front of the general that pinned it on his pillow after he got his ass blown up by a land mine because the guy next to him in the hopital got the same medal for cutting his hand on a C-ration can. If tossing his medals away makes Kerry un-American, than I guess my grandfather was un-American too. The point is, when their country needed them, both Kerry and my grandfather (and millions of others), they served honorably. To try to impeach Kerry's credentials with this, especially from those who felt they had better things to do than get trench foot in some Southeast Asian jungle, is the lowest form of zero-sum politics.

Methinks the RNC protests too much.
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