The Airing of Grievances
Thursday, April 01, 2004
Today, John Kerry called for six debates between himself and President Bush. Frankly, I couldn't look more forward to this - first of all, it gets him back on the offensive and in the public eye, something that I think he can be rightly criticized for not doing, particularly while you have seemingly every member of the Rove administration racing to see who can be the first to get on TV to contradict themselves. Second, a debate puts Kerry on a playing field where everyone, even the right, knows Bush can't win. In 2000, W lucked out with Gore's smarmy elm-like presence serving as a perfect foil to his shit-kicker buffoonery. Things were good and all we really wanted to see in a debate was who would screw up 8 years of peace and prosperity the least. Not this year. Finally, six debates would have to bring issues back to the forefront, an aspect of this campaign that has been sorely lacking on both sides and a discussion of which, again, the Democrats can't lose.

Predictably, BC04 demured. From a glass house somewhere near Bethesda, Bush campaign spokesman Taylor Griffin had this to say:

"The Bush-Cheney campaign looks for a vigorous debate at the appropriate time. But John Kerry should finish the debate with himself first -- being on both sides of each issue."

Ahh, that's talent when someone can puss out of a challenge and throw a distracting smear, all in two sentences. I don't suppose Taylor would much want to see this. Or this. Or this. But then, this isn't an administration that seems all that interested in facts or reality.
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