The Airing of Grievances
Tuesday, April 13, 2004
Rocca's Paradox

What becomes of the person who becomes a C-List celebrity solely by commenting on the activity of A-List celebrities?

Slate's Dennis Cass doesn't have the answer, but he brings up some great points.

In case you have had your TV in storage for the past two months, but the programming geniuses at VH1 couldn't figure out how to reap the benefits of the popularity of their nostalgic zeigteist hit, I Love the 80's (other than making a second installment of all 10 shows and playing them daily until you know every line). So, they tried to do one better...create a nostalgia show for last week!

VH1's website trumpets, "If I Love The 80s had a baby, Best Week Ever would be the child!" They should have left this one on the toilet seat. Stocked with the usual cast of insufferable wanna-be's, Best Week Ever rings hollow from prow to stern. The problem is, nostalgia is popular because it reminds people of the fun, or embarrassing memories of their past. Those memories usually turn into humor after about 20 years (Oh my God! Look at my hair!), but can simply be oozing scars a week later. (How many Bennifer joke can one human being handle?) Such an unwarranted taste of history is almost always sour.

Couple that with the brutal stylings of such formidable comedic talents and Chapelle Show cast offs as Rachel Harris, Christian Finnegan, some weaseley little chic who calls herself "Miss Info" and Greg Fitzsimmons, (yeah, you remember Greg from the wildly successful MTV game show, Idiot Savants, although he conveniently leaves that off his bio). When the overrated Patton Oswalt is the best of the bunch, you've got a huge credibility problem. I guess the thing is, the funny guy in the back of the class is funny because he says something once every two days. When he's got something to say every 45 seconds, he quickly becomes the "whiny bitch".

Oh, what did the Rachel Quaintance's of the world do for gainful employment before the cable TV clip show? Oh yeah, they waited tables.
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