The Airing of Grievances
Sunday, April 25, 2004
Hey! Wha Happened?
Our half a dozen regular readers may or may not have been wondering where AofG has been the last couple of days. Not to worry, just a couple days off, taking care of pesky things like social lives and enjoying the absolutely stunning New York spring weather. We'll be back in full force come Monday morning.

In the mean time, here are a few things to chew on:

- Chicks dig fatwas
- It took almost a year, but the CPA may finally be making its first wise decision. The other day, AofG linked to a Juan Cole piece describing just a portion of the wacky world of Ahmed Chalabi. Good to see that this world-class PoS might be getting the long-overdue boot.
- But unfortunately, we're not looking to put together any kind of a winning streak in Iraq. [UPDATE: This used to link to an article on a possible offensive in Najaf. Not anymore]
- Isn't selling out fun?
- Quick NFL draft analysis on AofG's two favorite teams: The Jets do a nice job filling in gaping holes at LB and CB with quality players from quality programs. Cozmo, any additional thoughts on the J-E-T-S? The Browns have decided that Jeff Garcia can fend for his own damn self. They also give up a 2nd round pick to move up 1 spot in the 1st round to draft an awesome player who addresses the 5th biggest hole on their list. Oh yeah, Jamal Lewis is still no less excited about running up the middle on them. Don Banks tries to put the best face on the somehow increasingly idiotic Butch Davis getting his pants pulled down yet again, this time by the Lions front office. Terry Pluto, on the other hand, resides a bit closer to the magical land of reality. All I want to know is, does Butch play poker? Do other teams have a tough time keeping a straight face when they deal with the Browns? In the 5 years of Cleveland Browns v2.0, have they even had a mediocre draft? Maybe 2002, when they picked the talented but completely batshit William Green, as well as the Andre/Andra Davis duo. 6-10, here we come!!!
- This just in, Browns waste a 4th round draft pick on yet another backup QB. Only 3 more increasingly meaningless picks to F up!
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