The Airing of Grievances
Wednesday, April 21, 2004
Happy Now, Douchebags?
Whoa! It seems John Kerry was a pretty good soldier after all. Anybody care to compare these records to the keg receipts from the Texas Air National Guard, circa the early 1970s? Didn't think so.

And I talked about this in a rant a few days ago, but I'll bring it up again: any PoS talking head or politician who, in the war environment we're in, still has the stones to try and diminish the length of service or the seriousness of combat wounds sufferered by a soldier who volunteered to go to Vietnam, be assured that there is a special circle of hell waiting for your hypocritical ass. Try saying the same things about someone serving in Iraq right now, and you won't last a day. But I guess when politics are involved, all's fair, huh?
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