The Airing of Grievances
Thursday, April 01, 2004
Great episode of "The Apprentice" tonight, after a few weeks of boring tasks and predictable endings, we got Omorosa-level tension in the board room. Speaking of everyone's favorite emotionally unintelligent, self-absorbed misanthrope, if the teaser is any indication, she's inexplicably due back on the show next week to give us more of that skin-crawlingly evil voodoo that she do so well. I only hope I too get a second chance to curdle the blood of the world when my company fires me. Anyway, in a battle of who could do the best job of stabbing the other in the back while still maintaining a nice-guy veneer, the eminently likeable Kwame bests best bud and Idaho rube Troy. Since every reality show has to play up, or at least make up, an on-camera romance, shouldn't they have been honing in on these two, rather than the far more platonic Nick and Amy?
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