The Airing of Grievances
Wednesday, April 14, 2004
Bring Out The Gimp
Referring to Frank's "Bushisms below", I think the "Secretary of State Rumsfeld" comment says it all. The most capable and well-respected (outside of the administration) man in the Executive Branch, Colin Powell, must be kept locked up in the basement of the White House like the Gimp. They just bring him out when they want to impress the international community, which, I can only assume, the Chaney-Rumsfeld arm of the government feels are into Gimps...

Cozmo voted Bush three years ago, mainly because I felt that intelligent, responsilbe people like Powell and Rice would keep him in line on foreign policy. Instead, they have just been marginalized and hung out to dry by wrinkled milquetoast midwesterners who never stopped playing cowboys and indians. Very disappointing, and kind of sad really.

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