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Friday, April 09, 2004
Are You A Member of P.E.T.A.?
Well then G.F.Y!

File this under the Saudi Royal family caveat to donating money. If you are giving money to a large charity, you had better know how that charity is using your hard earned money.

Not that AofG is into getting its information from such reliable sources as Seigfriend & Roy, but I was watching Penn & Teller's Bullshit! program on Showtime last night, and I was absolutely horrified by this week's topic...P.E.T.A. For those of you not familiar with PETA, it is People for the "Ethical" Treatment of Animals, which is an animal "rights" group that spends millions earned by on our compassion for cute and fuzzy pets and advertsing to teenagers and supporting violent, radical causes.

Now, lets leave aside debating Rousseau's argument that rights are only conveyed by and upon rational beings and therefore animals can never actually have "rights" per se, for a second and agree that treating animals ethically is something that most people can get behind: You own pets and treat them as your family. You don't kick dogs. You catch & release. You don't want to support unnecessary harm to animals that are being tested upon. As much as the pigions in the park are annoying, you don't fire off a baseball at one. You would like to minimize suffering of animals in the slaughterhouse. So, you support the ethical treatment of animals, right? Well not how PETA views it. To PETA, the "ethical" treatment of animals ends in the compete liberation of all animals. What does this mean? Their end goal is that no animal is used by humans for anything. That means no meat for food, no animal testing for medicines, no pets, no GUIDE DOGS for blind people. More offensice than that, PETA is remarkably hypocritcal. Here's a good example. PETA will constantly use horrific images of slaughterhouse activity as fodder for its campaigns, but many of the attrocities harped on by PETA; limbs severed before an animal dies and the like, are ALREADY ILLEGAL. Instead of campaigning that the government enforce laws already on the book, they use these illegal attrocities to lobby for more radical laws.

But these misreprentations of the truth and their organization's true goals are the least of PETA's hypocracy and ugliness.

PETA compares itself to such human rights heros as Martin Luther King & Mahatma Gandhi, and enlists grass roots support through cute websites like this. They don't tell you on "Helping Animals 101" that PETA will not condemn the use of violence among radical animal activists such as the Animal Liberation Front. The ALF is a radical group that sponsors the firebombing of medical labs and physically threatens the lives medical research doctors and their families. They also feel that humans have no right to take "property" from our animal bretheren.. Also, there is evidence from PETA's 1994 tax return that they supported convicted arsonist and "environmental terrorist" Rod Coranado, to the tune of $75,000. If you've given money to PETA, it goes to support psychos like Coranado and the ALF every year. So if you are a member of PETA, physical violence and property destruction is ok, but cooking a lobster is not. Money well spent.

In another grandhypocracy, a Vice President of PETA, Mary Beth Sweetland, is a diabetic. She demands that all animal testing and animal products be put to an end, but she takes daily insulin doses. Insulin was developed by medical research on dogs, and uses bovine hormones in its production.. In a misleadingly structured diatribe on the Sweetland claims here that you can reduce your insulin by changing your diet. WOW! You are a freakin' hero. I would love to see this hypocrite go without insulin for a week.

And here is the most disgusting thing I have learned about PETA in the past 24 hours. Now, this happend over a year ago, and how it slipped under my radar screen I don't know, but PETA produced a commercial series and website PLACING THE ANIMAL FOOD PROCESSING INDUSTRY ON THE SAME MORAL PLANE AS THE NAZI SS. Think about that for a second. Particiapting in the most evil, mechanized, calculated attempt to destroy a nation of people in the history of the planet is essentially the same thing as buying meat at your grocery store.

This campaign is so offensive that I refuse to link the site and can only find one example to link to.

Every time I think of this, I throw up in my mouth. These bastards have the unmitigated gaul to suggest something like this. To equate the lives of chickens with that of people. That the exposed ribs of a starved Jew are the same as the exposed ribs of a milking cow. Their defense? Several wacky Jews, inlcuding some of Isaac Beshevitz Singer's family, who share the same f'ed up views as PETA say its ok. That's it. That's the defense. In a victory crusade, PETA had decided to now take this filth to Germany. Good move.

You would think that PETA could sink no lower than that, right? Well, they probably can't. But in one final hypocracy, Penn & Teller pointed out something facinating in PETA's 2002 tax return. They bought a $10k freezer. Why? To hold cadavers of animals that PETA killed. Let me say that again. To hold cadavers of animals that PETA killed. Did you get that? To hold cadavers of animals that PETA killed. In fact, in that year, of over 2,000 animals PETA saved in 2002, 1,300 were killed by PETA. That makes for a 35% PETA survival rate.

The problem is, PETA seems to love animals and hate people. If you give money to PETA, you are directly supporting all of these hypocracies. Maybe your money should be better spent supporting the ethical treatment of people? May I suggest the Human Fund?
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