The Airing of Grievances
Friday, April 09, 2004
Another Woman Lying
While I am sure that Frank will soon be all over Condi Rice, another strong Nubian woman was lying through her teeth on national TV yesterday. Who was it?

Two Words:
"Oma Rosa"

Donald Trump's Bootlickerstock is quickly coming to a head, and it has been facinating TV. Love birds Nick and (a frisky looking) Amy were canned in show's first few minutes, leaving cigar shop ownin' Bill and HBS grad Kwame were left to duke it out. Kwame and Bill's last task is running a special event each - Bill was sent to run a golf tourney at Briarcliff Manor, and Kwame had the misfortune of running a Jessica Simpson show at the Taj Mahal. Top top it all off, they had to hire the last 6 people who had been fired. Well, you knew that Omarosa had to F this thing up somehow, so when she was interupted at dinner, and blew off the problem, it was like a ton of bricks coming down on the Kwame team. Well, not shockingly, Omarosa's obstinence lead to the "disappearance" of the star of the show, and she compounded the problem by lying to Kwame to his face about it.

Kwame, my man, you blew it. If you had fired Omarosa on the spot for lying to you, you would have won no matter what else happened. I feel for you man, but you should have sounded off like you had a pair.

Check out Omarosa's website for a good laugh. Like its eponymous founder, the website is tough to deal with, and takes its sweet time providing you with information. Don't say you weren't warned.
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