The Airing of Grievances
Tuesday, September 20, 2005
WE'VE MOVED!! NEW ADDRESS IS aofg.blogs.com
aofg.blogs.com, that is my name, that name again is aofg.blogs.com.

As promised, we've made a big change here at AofG Headquarters. We've moved the site to a new address and upgraded things top to bottom. As of Tuesday (1/18), all new content will be there, nothing new will be posted here. For those of you who like us enough to have us bookmarked or link to us from your site, kindly make the change to the new address. We will keep this site alive for a short time, so if you want to read the archives you still can for a couple weeks.

Again, our new home is aofg.blogs.com. Our ascent to media glory has begun in earnest.
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